Sunday, June 10, 2012

Colorado trip

  This past April I was very blessed to be able to visit my cousins in Pagosa springs, Colorado for five days!!!! We had visited two years before in 2010. But this time was special  because I think the Lord was moving in my life and everybody else and we where all closer and got to spend more time together.  I was so excited when  I heard that we where going to visit . I couldn't wait to see everybody. It was a very
long drive  to get there we all where very happy when we 
saw the sign that said welcome to Colorado!
Every day when  Hannah and Daniel got home from school we would go outside and play.We hiked , played on the mountain , played Frisbee and baseball .  I had so much fun !! I was there for my birthday  also.   On my birthday we had pancakes. Hannah and I put chocolate chips on ours . Then I rode into town with Hannah Lisa and Daniel . Hannah and I  walked around town . Then Lisa picked us up.   We went to meet my mom ,brothers, Granny and Aunt Ti  at the river .We played in the river. Then we went back to the house and ate a yummy dinner of chili , chocolate cake and ice cream .I had one of the best birthdays ever!!  
On Sunday we went to church.
After church we had some people over and  made five pizzas for lunch and I made brownies for dessert. With lots of help from Sammy and Rachel. after lunch I was talking to Hannah and Lisa  
about my jewelry and said when I got home I was going to find a rock polisher and rock drill  so I could make my own beads. (One of my moms friends gave me that idea) Then Lisa jumped up and ask me to follow her we ran out to the deck and down the stairs. and she said when we bought the house  someone left this rock drill here if you want it you can have it. I said yes . That was a huge blessing.  I have not drilled rocks yet we are figuring out how to use it. But I will.    I was sad when i left .  I hope to visit again soon.
I had a great time . I wish I could have stayed longer.
If my cousins are reading this
I hope it sums up how much fun I had 

and how much I miss all of you.

Aunt TI- I enjoyed talking to you. and seeing how the lord was moving in my life  and everyone else's. I miss you  and hope that you can come see us or we come to see you.

Lisa- I miss you. Thank you for my bracelet . I love it . I have gotten lots of complements on it. I enjoyed spending time with you and talking to you . I hope you can visit us soon.

Hannah-  I miss you. If there was such a thing as a best friend/cousin you would be it. I am praying you can visit me this summer. Remember that you worth more than GOLD. I think about you 
every time I sing and dance to  that song. Which is ALOT

Rachel -  I miss you .  I hope I can see you soon. I had so much fun playing with you.   I heard that you graduated from preschool . 
That's awesome! I'm proud of you

Daniel - I miss you to. I have to tell you something that Sammy said. 
I think you will like it. we where playing outside  and we where making up names for the game and Sammy said i want to pretend that my name is Daniel and and that I'm your cousin. 

Wow this is a word post . sorry . I try not to talk your ears off.
But anybody can tell you im a talker.                                                                                                                           


Saturday, June 9, 2012


I havé been making some awesome summer jewelry !
I have gotten so carried away that I used up all my supplies. So I havé to go shopping today!!
I can't wait to see what new summer supplies they have!!